Adopting very human tendencies to make sense of our world – stacking, layering, ordering, filtering and re-membering – Yoon encourages us to pay attention to the things we miss in our daily lives and invites us to look to the empty spaces in our memories. He reminds us how insensitive we have become to our surroundings and he asks us to slow down. Radically, the work is perhaps about ‘slow looking’, which, in the context of an art fair, is pretty challenging

 - Chiara Williams

About the Topic of Art


Fast paced life, which is a major characteristic of contemporary society, has some negative aspects. Art can highlight negative aspects of the world to show people a better way to live.

My practice develops around themes related to negative aspects of fast-paced society. As such fast lifestyle brings efficiency in terms of development, it is widely accepted by the modern generation. However, I am concerned about the negative impacts of such fast-growing societies and its fast-paced lifestyle, including how people constantly move forward without looking back, and how we have become insensitive to our past. My art invites the audience to reflect on the way they live and challenges them to reflect on whether this is inevitably the sole solution to live.


About the Concepts and Details of Artwork


I work expensively with prints. By taking advantage of how unique printmaking processes allow me to work with layers, I create artwork dividing the world into layers based on respective topics. The accumulative effort that results from the printmaking processes echo with the time element in many of my artworks. I continuously experiment with the possibilities of layering, including overlapping, extinction, and placement as ways of expression in my practice.

I unfold in the works my interest in things that are easily forgotten or not readily felt by people who have given into the speed of this gradually fast-paced world. As a printmaker, I view this world distinguished in layers encased with my own perspective. I approached with a concept that the world should be distinguished simply on the separation of colours but rather on the artist’s perspective. I look at the world from things that disappeared and did not disappear or at times divided it into my consciousness and subconsciousness, lightness and heaviness.  

‘Two layers’ is about things that easily disappear from the world. As a printmaker, I look at how the world is distinguished between things that have disappeared and things that have yet to disappear. In the work, I captured the extinction process of layering, depicting things that disappear in a short period of time. By showing this process, this work elicits contemplation from the little things around us in a fast-paced society.

‘Memory’ focuses on the characteristics of things that comprise of layers. It shows the forgotten memories from our lives on pieces of tissue paper, and thereby reminds us of those memories. Napkins, also made up of layers, are also forgotten everyday objects as they are quickly consumed in our daily lives. After printing images of my forgotten memories on the side of a pile of napkins, I used the printed napkins to show people the process of forgetting. Then, I eliminated the layers to raise the fact that there are numerous things being forgotten everyday, and hopefully, the work will remind the audience of their dear memories.

In contrast, I looked at the world from consciousness and subconsciousness. In life we encounter countless things of subconsciousness. ‘The Path of Eyes’ synthesises mosaic layers aggregating all subconscious things accumulated in transit and the remaining spaces excluding and spaces within the consciousness of special places thereby emphasised the meaning of subconsciousness. Furthermore, I accumulated layers as a method of expression in my work titled ‘Black out’. I stacked the images of strangers who I encountered on a busy street printed them on top of one another, to express my grief. As the images stacked in layers, the density of the final image became darker and more packed. Through the accumulation of layers, I expressed my heavy emotion towards people’s indifference that I felt on the busy street.

In this way, I continuously try to focus on the diverse possibilities of layers to make an intellectual approach to printmaking.